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      Hi guys,

      OK, so I'm trying to upgrade my H9 to the Max by buying the desired number of algos from the H9 application running on windows. What a terrible system you've got there!! No basket … so you have to buy one algo at a time … what a PITA. Anyway, I get to making my 6th purchase and there is a glitch between the H9 control and Amazon.com that refuse to process the purchase because they think I'm a fraudster. I ring my bank and they HAVEN'T blocked my credit card. I phone Amazon.com (painful beyond words) and they can't help me without a previous order number?? .. all I have is a confirmation of 5 x transaction IDs that were emailed to me with each previously successful algo purchase. So now I'm stuck in no-mans land. I'm in the UK and this has the scope to burn up any savings on the H9Max upgrade via transatlantic phone bills.

      Has anyone in the UK successfully bought (say) 8 algos on the run to upgrade to an H9 Max?

      Eventide dude … can you help me?

      Thanks in advance,

      Grado (UK)

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      I just sent you an email about this issue… Let me know if you didn't get it.

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      I agree that it would be nice to have a basket in Amazon for the H9. I want to purchase 8 algos and I have to buy them all at separate going through the whole process 8 times.

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