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      Hello.   I’m posting because I spent some time trying to figure this out, and support was very helpful.

      I want to sync the tempo from Ableton to the H9 and use the H9 Control app.   (Ableton 11 suite, in this case.)   Bluetooth is spotty for me.   I need to shut off and restart bluetooth on the H9 several times, and sometimes I need to reset the bluetooth on my computer.   I thought I would try USB to connect to H9 Control software in Windows.   That works fine, but then H9 Control fails.   From the good people at support:

      “If he uses USB for Ableton, he cannot use H9 Control. I think he should use Bluetooth for H9 Control and MIDI DIN for Ableton. The Bluetooth normally connects smoothly after the first successful pair.”

      So: if you connect Ableton to an H9 via USB, you give up the H9 control app.    The only way to have H9 Control and tempo sync is to do the former through bluetooth and the latter through MIDI.   So USB is really not so useful.

      And it is true: after the first successful pair, bluetooth is pretty stable.   Getting the first successful pair can take a few minutes.

      I didn’t find this info online anywhere else, so now you know.   FWIW.

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