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      I've got the two devices,, and they communicate just fine as far as changing presets,, which is a godsend on it's own. I want to be able to implement the built in expression pedals. The simplest task of having it control the "ribbon slider" function from the control app would be the start. I'd love to be able to use it as a whammy pedal. I gave it an honest go but I'm not midi savvy at all and simply don't know what to do. Anyone out there know how to make it happen?

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      Well, it should be pretty straight forward. If you know what MIDI CC the FCB1010 is sending out, you can assign that MIDI CC to control the expression pedal patch. In H9 Control you'd do this by clicking on the Pedal button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, going to MIDI Settings, going to Assign MIDI CC Messages to pedal functions, and assigning the MIDI CC it's sending to the "Set expression pedal value" pedal function.  If you don't know what MIDI CC the FCB1010, you can use the MIDI CC learn function on the H9 to have it just listen to it and learn the mapping.  How to set this up is described in the H9 manual around pg 35 in the "Receive Continuous Control Message" section:


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      Thanks, I knew it would be pretty simple. Got it working.

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