H9 and Modfactor: MIDI footswitch to select a certain preset?

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      Hello! I’Ve just bought an H9 and a Modfactor and I have a question. Is it possible to assign a specific footswitch of a MIDI controller to select a preset? I would like to have each of my Korg FC6 switches to be assigned to one of the presets I use the most.

      I understand that I can assign fooswitches to a lot of functions, but I am not sure if this thing can be done or not.

      Thanks a lot, cheers!

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      Eventide Staff

      The Eventide stomps want a suitable MIDI Program Change to load a preset. It looks as if the FC6 will do this.

      I suggest that you read and understand the MIDI Map section in the UM to be sure you load the programs you want.

      You should speak to Mr.Korg if you need help setting up his pedalboard.



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      Great! Thank you very much Nick!

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      Yup. A PC message can call any preset.

      Read a little on MIDI, if you haven’t already. Once you know what PC and CC messages are, it all gets easy. . . But if you have problems, holla.

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