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      Hi guys,

      I was wondering if you are going to be releasing a patch that allows me to use the H9 as a volume pedal via an expression pedal. I would love to have a simple patch that could allow me to control my signal's volume/boost using an expression pedal. Please release something like this soon!

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      same here!!

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      If i remember right, you can setup the MF trem algoryth to be triggered from an expression pedal to do a volume sweep. I do have a volume sweep preset on my MF that I use. The problem I ran into was with my softstep. When I limited the sweep within the softstep, as to not have the volume not drop all the way down to zero, the pedal did not compensate to have the lower volume start at the full depression of my ex pedal. At the point, I became sidetracked by another project.

      I do see the benefit of having a dedicated volume swell algorithm. I would put that on my high priority purchase list.

      Maybe the algorithm could include many juicy possibilities. I could dream up many musical ideas, such as the ability to dynamically color the swell with eq and/or time based fx, that would make the swell very multi-usefull.

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      Would be even better if the possible volume pedal 'algo' could be integrated in the delay (and reverb) algos. So a volume pedal effect before the delay for the typical delay/volume swell effects.

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      Just set up a sweet volume pedal preset with the trem algo. Inteed of setting up the range in my midi pedal I just set up the depth to not have 100 off. Might see if different curves in the softstep allow for better control but that is really incing on the cake.

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      Yes! Exactely!

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      Yes.  Why waste a H9 for a volume swell when you can just connect it passive before delays anyway?

      The only reason I can see you would do this is if you have multiple H9's,  plenty of of cash to max them out….. or you use the EXP primarliy for other effects.

      I have thought about building a switching router to switch between passive volume or EXP but I think I would rather just use it as a passive volume.

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      I’m also interested in this.

      I think ideally, it would be an algorithm that includes a modulated swell like the Line 6, but can be used as a straight volume pedal patch as well. 

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