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      I’ve had my H9 for a while, but just recently aquired an RJM Mastermind PBC and a Mission RJM SP-1. My goal is to use the H9 as a Whammy pedal on occasion, but I’m having some difficulty. I’m using the pitchflex algo, but I can’t seem to map my flex button or assign other knobs or the ribbon to the expression pedal. The ribbon area reads “Expression mappings are disabled when the preset reads directly from the expression pedal” though nothing seems to be affected by the pedal.



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      I think you SHOULD be able to see your expected behavior. I use it just this way.

      Can we double check your settings?

      The expression pedal is working normally in other patches?


      Ive attached a screencap of a patch I use for a simple 4th on the expression pedal.  Try it- does it work?

      Doe the PitchFLex flex the tone when you hit the Performance switch? Can I see your patch?


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      Eventide Staff



      The PitchFlex algorithm is automatically mapped to use the expression pedal. Your minimum values (Heel A – Heel B) are assigned as knobs and your maximum values (Toe A – Toe B) are also assigned as knobs. This means that you do not need the ribbon control since you are mapping your min and max values with the assigned knobs. You can set the glissando speed ascending or descending as well. 

      The FlexSwitch is automtically assigned to sweep from the MIN to MAX value. 


      Hope this helps! 

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      I think I have that figured, and yes, the flex button controls the effect, but how do I map that to the expression pedal?

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        gregbouchard wrote:

        I think I have that figured, and yes, the flex button controls the effect, but how do I map that to the expression pedal?


        Agree with the above. 

        This patch should drop you an octave as you go heel to toe on the expression pedal. 

        If it does not, I would triple check that your expression pedal is setup correctly.


        If it IS.. when you move it- is there any output on your H9 display?

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      mapping the flex button can be done in the system settings under the aux switch mappings, and you would want to map the 'performance switch'.

      howerever, if you are using an expression pedal, the pitch shifting is automatically assigned to expression pedal as stated before. I would check to make sure that the H9 is set to look for expression pedal and not aux switches.

      if you are using H9 Control, these settings can easily be found under the General Settings on the Pedal page.

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      On this patch no, but on othrs yes.

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      OK Greg- lets get to the bottom of this:


      a) does your expression pedal act normally in OTHER patches?

      b) I am assuming you have the mission plugged into the Mastermind’s EXP input, and the mastermind hooked to the H9 by MIDI…true/false?

      c) if true… what are your MIDI settings? (this question is intentionally broad)

      —-if FALSE, what is your setup?

      d) is there anything plugged into you H9’s EXP input?  

      e) if SO, what setting do you have under “General Settings–>Use Exp Pedal, Aux Switch, or Both”?


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