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      i'm currently using an expression pedal w/one of my H9 pedals.  i'd like to try using it in conjunction with an additional single-button aux switch, allowing me to dedicate the H9 tap button to JUST tap tempo (i hate having to hold down the button mid-song to change its function), and the aux switch as my scroll button.  can anyone point me in the direction of some manufacturers who are making these?  the smaller the better.  thanks

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Boy Nigel,

      The Boss FS-5U momentary switch will work as a single AUX switch for the H9. Make sure to get the momentary switch, not latching, and set it to "normally open" with it's polarity switch:


      For a smaller form factor, T1M makes a single momentary switch:


      This one from T1M hasn't been tested by Eventide, but in theory, it should work. Make sure to order the "normally open" version if going this route.

      I hope this helps! 

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