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      My H9 has always worked flawlessly, but I’ve recently had a big problem :

      When I copy a preset from computer to Stompbox :

      1 – Preset is not paste in stompbox

      2 – instead, one of the existing preset of the stompbox is duplicated


      How could I fix that ?

      (I completely reset the H9)

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      So, what screen in H9 Control are you in when you're trying to do this?  Are you in the Presets screen or the Preset List screen?  You said that you were trying to 'copy' a preset to the H9, but I wasn't sure if you really meant 'copy' or if you meant 'save'?  There is copy and paste functionality in the Preset List screen, and there is a drag and drop functionality in the Preset List screen's Edit List subscreen.  If you let us know what screen you're in, it will be easier to figure out where you're running into trouble.

      Here are some tutorials videos that explain how to manage presets with H9 Control:

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