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      I can connect my two H-9s using my iPadAir 2 but BT fails on my iMac.  On occasion I can connect the first device but when pairing the 2nd device it kicks off the  first device and neither connect.  My H-9s are up to date.

      Sometimes it will simply not connect to the 1st device.  So I am having no success whatsoever.  Using my iPad I can connect to both H-9s with no issues.



      27″, Late 2012

      Processor 3.4Ghx Quad-core Intel Core i7

      Memory: 32GB


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      Eventide Staff

      We are aware of this issue but don't have a solid solution. We believe it's the limitaion of the Bt module we use in H9.

      There are a few workarounds that our users told us that worked for them:

      1) Move the H9 to your Mac as close as possible

      2) Reset the Bt/network settings of your Mac and reboot

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