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      i’m using mine with the 4CM.  i’m just wondering- if i’m on a preset that is set to “post” (in my amp’s fx loop) will i still be going through the H9’s buffer circuit or does it get switched out when used like this?  obviously the buffer comes in to play when i have it set to “pre” (in front of my amp) which i have no problem with.

      the reason i’m asking is that i’m considering getting rid of my only non-true bypass pedal that is in front of my amp, which means i’d need to consider getting get a buffer buffer pedal…that is unless the H9’s buffer is coming in to play.  all this said my guess is that i’ll need a buffer pedal but just thought i’d check in here just in case.  i thought there MAY be a chance that the H9 buffer comes in to play since it is connected to the front of the amp (as well as the fx loop).

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