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      Trying to understand optium bypass settings for my H9


      Right now everything is default  (DSP and Kill Dry Disabled) I think….


      I use my H9 in my amps effects loop with two other pedals (a Boss DD-500 in buffered mode with tails I guess) and a clean boost pedal.  That said is the settings stated above the best or should Kill Dry be enabled?




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      Eventide Staff

      It partly depends on whether you have a serial or parallel effects loop.

      If the former, you should have killdry off.

      If the latter and only one pedal you should have killdry on. If more than one pedal, you can't use killdry as it will mute when bypassed, but if all pedals are bypassed you will double the volume – parallel loops don't work well with multiple pedals.


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      Thank you – yeah the Mesa’s are Serial loop and i am assuming my Supersonic is as well.  So it looks like I have the best options set.  Thank you for your help!!!!

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