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      Honestly would it even be possible to put a cab sim in the h9? Maybe have it in the app for a on/off switch… This would be the icing on the cake for me!! Would this be useful for anyone else ?

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      I origionally really wanted the pre/post function, but now that I have the Boss ES-8 it’s not needed. A cab sim would be an incredible addition to this already amazing device. I wonder if we could get a usable EQ curve with the EQ algo. Either way, +1 vote for cab sim.

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      Cab sims would be awesome. +1 vote.

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      Good idea! I could find a use for an algorithm offering cab type/size, mic type/placement, room type/size.

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      If it´s possible yes please add it…


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      Alternatively, an algorithm with the ability to read and use Impulse Responses would be awesome! Preferably impulse responses representing both cabinets and reverbs/delays.


      Just a thought 🙂

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry guys – I'm not saying that we will never do these, but I will point out that Eventide tends to specialize in original effects rather than emulations.


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      Ya I totally get that… I guess I was just hoping for a simple eq curve that would let a user plug direct into a pa kind of like the strymon bigsky. I think that with the app control, being able to save that “cab sim” in specific presets would be a huge one up Over the strymon, which is one of the biggest reasons I still own one.

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      That would be a good idea, I’m currently considering a Strymon Bigsky over a second H9 and this is one reason. It’s very useful for my IEM band practices.

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      I have come to love the eventide sound and originality so much. For me the eventide algorithms feels very organic and creative. I fully respect that eventide focuses on originality. I would suggest using that approach to create algorithms that could function as cabs but be more original. What if you had an algorithm that morphed a closed back 2×12 into an open back 1×10 temp sync. Thus you could both create a useful tool and expand it into new horizons. If you add the ability to shift the phase between two cabs, then there would be even more tonal choices. I will add that every program or cab simulation, always lacks the sense of air moving and depth that you get when mic’ing a real cab. Some of these have worked well enough but typically they remind me of what Zappa said once about fixing something in the mix (paraphrase), “we will fix it in the shrink wrap”.

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