H9 – Can I make tap ONLY affect algos w/ BPM on?

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      Hey guys! I think the factor pedals work like this, but it’s been awhile since I’ve owned one. I want the tap switch to only affect algorithms that have the BPM switch turned on. Right now, I have my tap switch changing 4 pedals, two of which are H9s. So when I tap a tempo for my delays, my H9s change the speed of my rotary speaker, or predelay of my reverb, etc. If there’s any way to make certain presets ignore the tap switch, please let me know!

      PS, if there isn’t a way, my suggestion on how to implement this in future updates would be to make an on/off option in settings called “Tap only affects BPM” or something like that. When on, any params measured in hertz or miliseconds would ignore the tap switch. This would make my programming life SO much easier. THANKS!

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