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      Hi all, Been happily running a couple of H9’s in my rig for a few months now. I just bought the flanger algorithm last night, and I have a question. When I lower the intensity control to its minimum position, there’s still quite a bit of effect processing audible…its very apparent when the pedal is bypassed as to how much tone alteration is still happening. Even when I lower the depth controls, there’s still too much effect for what I’m looking for. Is this just how it is… Or am I doing something wrong? I did a search on this but didn’t come up w/much. Apologies if this is a very newb question. I’m running the h9s right into the front end of my amp… Kill dry is off. Sean Meredith-Jones http://www.seanmeredithjones.com

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      Hi smj,


      Have you tried changing the Flanger type?  The instensity knob in the Flanger controls feedback for all the 4 Flangers, so even at 0 you should still hear the effect of the flanged signal mixed with the dry.  However, in some effects types this is more subtle than others.  What effect are you looking for?


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      I have made the same reflection as smj. The Intensity knob doesn’t do it for me. This holds for all ModFactor algortihms. I need a Mix knob for those, like there is for the Space, TimeFactor and PitchFactor algorithms. Would it be possible to add a Mix knob in future updates?

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