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      So, I use Control on my mac, iphone, and ipad.  Now I have some new user presets on my mac, come on my iphone, and some on my ipad.  Is there a way to get them all to be on all devices (even if that means I need to upload them from ios devices to mac and then sync them back to the ios devices)?  


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      Yes and no. You can export all of your user data, i.e. your user presets and preset lists, from one device and import them into another; the functions for doing that are under Settings.  But importing presets and preset lists currently doesn't overwrite presets and preset lists with the same names, and user's who've tried to do what you're doing have been frustrated in the past b/c they ended up with duplicate presets and preset lists.

      We have thought a bit about changing this functionality to make it possible to keep presets and preset lists on multiple devices in sync, but it's a tricky problem.  Importing stuff and not overwriting anything is easy. Importing stuff and overwriting everything is easy. But importing stuff and giving users control over how changes between devices are merged is hard. There are a bunch of weird cases that can happen that all need to be handled correctly. So, we haven't tackled that problem yet.

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