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      I received my H9 last week, and spent some time with the presets. Then, this weekend, I attempted to register the control app, and could not connect to Eventide's site — all weekend. I have no accesss to the control app. I don't know if your servers were down this weekend, but I could not connect to the website either.  My internet was fine, I had no trouble connecting to any other sites. I was using a pretty new iPad Air and an iPhone 5.

      Now, when I call CS at eventide, there is no human available, only voice mail. I guess, if I can't get support to get this app working, I will return the pedal tomorrow, as the control interface was a major selling point for me. I am glad I was not relying on the control app in a live situation this weekend.
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      Eventide Staff

      We apologize for the inconvenience but we were struck by lightning yesterday and it fried a couple of servers. We've been working to bring new servers on line and restore databases. 

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      Ahhh! Sorry for your bad luck! I am glad there is a logical explanation, thanks!

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