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      A big thank you to the Eventide crew for providing this app to work with TimeFactor.  A great pedal just got even greater, and easier to use 🙂




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      Thanks Paul! We love what we do.

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      I just updated my timefactor and hooked it up with my computer.  I was having a hard time understanging how to name presets and put them in certain banks.  

      I will read the manual a bit better, but it seems very convoluted to do this.  I actuall went back to doing it on the pedal, which isn’t very intuitive either.





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      Sorry for the confusion, Rich. Here's a video we made explaining how to edit preset lists through H9 Control.


      I'd check out our youtube channel some more too for any other questions you might have. We try to address the most common ones with a video.



Viewing 3 reply threads
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