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      If you've got an iOS device, you can find it by searching for Eventide on the App Store.  In demo mode, you can preview the interface and check out the prices in the store.

      Generally, looks pretty awesome.  I love that you included the XY pad for real-time control.  On the other hand: no looper.  Why is there not a looper?  You included every algorithm from all of the Factor stomps *except* the one with a complex control scheme that could greatly benefit from a hand-level interface?  What exactly was the reasoning there?

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      Yep, looks pretty cool on both my iPad and iPhone… Not sure if it is retina display resolution as it looks a bit blocky…. BUT …. Looks very impressive for a first drop.

      great idea about a looper interface, it could be different from the factor layout to allow easier functions… Great idea!

      Also looking at the Ulta-Tap controls, I have no idea what the hell "SLURM" is…. But I dig the name!

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      i think SLURM is the fizzy drink from Futurama, that is made from queen slug poo?

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      LOL…. Like it!

      then in which case can we please have a control called "Smeg" for something in "BlackHole"?… A reference to "Red Dwarf"

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      Danny Casseau

      And what are the prices for the algorithms? Doesn't work with my itouch, despite the fact that I installed the last OS on it. Very curious about it! Thanx!

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      Looks pretty good!

      My question is this:
      If I have other 'Factors chained in to the H9 via MIDI, can I control them? Save and load presets to them?

      That would ice the cake for me…


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      New version just been release, looks much better with Retina Display.

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      I just had a look at the iPad app and was thinking the same thinking the same thing.  If the H9 functioned like a MIDI controller for my 4 Eventides that would be cool.  

      That aside I'm contemplating the idea of getting the H9 and just buying the algorithms that I commonly use.   One pedal and an iPad is a crazy idea.   

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      I was just looking at the app in a bit more detail.  

      Can you have multiple algorithms on a preset?  It looks like it's one per preset.  In other words I would not be able to combine a PitchFactor algorithm with a Space algorithm on one preset.  Is that correct?  

      I currently use all 4 Factors and sometimes use several in a MIDI program.  I love the H9/iPad concept but one algorithm per preset might be a deal breaker for me.  

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      That's always been the premise of the H9: it operates as a combined version of the Factor pedals, which means you get (potentially) access to all the algorithms, but only one at a time, as per the Factor pedals.  I've had multiple discussions online with people who are disappointed/upset that the H9 does not run multiple effects simultaneously, and can only reply that those expectations are unrealistic given current technology at this price point and form factor.  The Eclipse can run two Factor-level algorithms simultaneously, and costs about $2K.

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      Makes sense.  Thanks.   I'll spend more time with each pedal and presets and see what I really need and from there i can think about an H9 and how it might fit my needs.   A lighter board wouldn't be a bad thing!  

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