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      hi, it’s showing 24th Dec 2015 (which means tomorrow is Christmas woo hoo!!). Not sure why, how do I change it?

      I’m running the control app on Windows 7 64bit, connected to the pedal via USB. Pedal shows version 5.3 and it lights up straight away.

      Running the latest version of controll app (2.6.0 – when I hit update it tells me I have the latest version) – downloaded and installed a week or so ago. When through the whole erase / write thing fine.

      No problems other than the date which I only just noticed.

      Any ideas? thanks




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      Where is H9 Control showing the wrong date?  In some screens it shows the date when a preset was created or a preset list is created.  Is this the date that you are referring to?  Could you post a screenshot?

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      sorry, it’s on the App. Yes I guess it’s the creation date. Sorry to bother you!

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