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      I haven’t returned here for a while, but now that the crash reporting is in the latest firmware update, I am curious to see if that might help me solve my problems with the H9 Control app in Windows 10 connecting (or not) via Bluetooth to my H9 Max. 


      It’s about 60% of the time that the app won’t detect the already connected and paired H9 device. It gives error messages, then the app becomes unresponsive and I am forced to kill the process in Task Manager. 


      It seems like this happens the next time I open H9 Control if durin gthe previous use I don’t close H9 Control before powering off the H9. 

      Whatever the reason, I’d like to have someone tell me what they can see from my crash reports. I am assuming here that the app is sending this data to Eventide, though I have no indication that it is doing so. I can tell you that the app hangs and is force-quit almost daily.

      It’s a serious annoyance.

      Thanks in advance.





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      Earth to Eventide

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      Sorry, we missed your original forum post;  the person who set the crash dump stuff up was on vacation when you first posted (namely me).

      I just checked but we haven't gotten any crash dumps from you.  Presumably, your H9 is registered to the same user name that you use on the forums — rorytheherb.  Unfortunately, what you're describing is a hang and not a crash.  So, that wouldn't trigger a crash dump.

      I think I've seen the behavior you've described myself as well.  Basically, what happens is H9 Control tries to send a message to the H9 through the Bluetooth connection it sees for it, but it gets stuck when it goes into the Windows code that is supposed to send the message.  I've noticed that if you remove the Bluetooth device and reconnect it normally it will fix the problem, but it is irritating that H9 Control hangs when doing this.  In any case we can reproduce the problem you're describing.  So, we'll see what we can do about it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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