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      David Clapp

      Hi there,

      I am going round and round with this problem – I have updated both Space and the H9 Max to the latest firmware. If I open the H9 Control app with the H9 Max connected to Bluetooth and the Space pedal connected via USB, it will see the Space and not the H9, binning the Bluetooth connection when the H9 Control app is opened. I have rebooted my machine after all these installs but nothing works.

      I  connect the H9Max via my MacBook (Catalina) via Bluetooth.
      I launch the H9 Control and all works as expected, but no Space pedal is visible.

      If I disconnect bluetooth and open the H9 Control app, the Space pedal is visible.

      I cannot get both connected at the same time. I want to be able to operate all the controls from my MacBook when designing presets.

      Can anyone help me as I have been at the for two hours now…

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      David Clapp

      I solved it – you cannot connect Bluetooth and USB at the same time. I just connected both boxes with USB cables and all works.

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