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      I have an issue with h9 control when saving preset through the app. It closes each time I try to save a preset to the pedal. (same when I try to enter the program changes receive map)  

      My setup : 2 H9 connected through USB 

      1 is working when I m saving to the pedal from H9 control. 

      the other one is not and H9 control closes when I try to save or I try to load program changes receive map. 

      Any help plz ? 

      Thanks a lot.


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      Eventide Staff

      Please help us to help you.

      • What OS and version are you using ?
      • What version of H9control are you using ? (Try the latest if you are not using it).
      • When you say "H9 control closes" what exactly do you mean ? Please describe in detail what you see.

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      Fixed thanks. Downloaded last version of H9 control 



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