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      Recently I bought mac mini and i downloaded h9 control for mac. and i got connectivity issue.

      my h9 appear well on mac bluetooth list, but h9 control fails to connect with it(also any error code does not appear. just no reaction).

      Bluetooth connection have been worked well on iphone and windows, but it is not working only on mac(monterey 12.0.1)

      i tried midi line connection too but it still does not work. the following is the error code i got.

      스크린샷 2021-12-28 오전 12.07.20

      can i get some advice?

      (sorry if the solution had been posted already…)

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      Eventide Staff


      Sorry to hear you are having connection issues. I am able to connect to my H9 on my computer running Monterey. Are you using the latest H9 Firmware and H9 Control software?

      If you are having issues with the latest versions of the software and firmware, can you resetting all settings in H9 Control? This can be done be going to: Settings -> Reset Settings -> Reset All Settings. You will need to login to enter your Eventide username in H9 Control after doing this.

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      Eventide Staff

      I was able to connect to my MacBook Pro (monterey 12.0.1) with no issues.

      When you connect to your H9 via Bluetooth, please make sure to leave MIDI and USB ports unconnected.

      Also, did you make the Bluetooth connection in Mac’s system setting? Can you try connecting to your H9 just in the app by clicking “Manually select a device” -> “Connect via Bluetooth” -> select your H9 and click “Browse” ?

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