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      Thank you for creating such  great app for working with the H9. It is truly a well put together tool.

      Where most companies don't bother to even think of trying you have excelled with the nature of the H9 Control.

      I'd like to suggest you take it even further toward total domination by including a midi control page, per preset, where we can assign at least an additional midi program change if not also a continuous controller number that will be sent out each time a preset for the H9 in the app is selected.

      A simple drop down where we could, for example, edit a preset to send a program change number of our choosing. So when I select an H9 preset, the midi out of the pedal, or the ipads midi interface, sends my chosen program change number to another pedal on my board.

      If I'm using a pitch shift type algorithm on the H9 I'd like the selection of that preset to automatically send a selection of a preset on my amp modeler or a reverb patch on another device etc.

      Make the H9 Control the command center for the whole effects chain! It is too good to leave it out!

      Thanks again

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      Thanks for the feedback.  Those are certainly some good ideas.  Believe it or not we have made some sketches for a possible new screen in H9 Control called Combinations that would allow H9 Control to act like a command center.  We were more focused on making all Eventide products work seamlessly together but had thought that it would be nice to have the ability to control other MIDI device via program changes.  I'll mark you down as a +1 for that.  

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      Eventide Staff

      Thanks for the kind words EJ. And yeah, why not. handy 'feature'. Total domination? Dunno.

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      This would be awesome! I'd definitely buy a H9 if this were the case.

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