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      I am using H9 Control with my H9. I couldn’t find the explanation for a couple of features in the documentation. I have attached a screenshot for clarity.

      First, for the 1984Panama preset, the Feedback A and Feedback B knobs have a blue arc on the outside – what is this?

      Second, below the knobs but above Active/Repeat/Tap there are two buttons (one on each side) and a wavy white vertical line that can be moved to the side. What are these?

      I did look in the docs, but didn’t see an explanation. If it is in the docs, can you point me to them?

      Thanks very much! And I love the pedal.



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      Eventide Staff

      Hi John,

      The blue arcs are the expression ranges that have been assigned to those parameters. That wavy white vertical line is the ribbon controller that acts as your expression pedal, but it’s controllable by your finger. This video explains it all.

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      Thank you, and sorry, it looks like my screenshot didn’t attach. — John

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      To answer the question on a different level, those might the most powerful tools in the H9.  If you choose to go down that rabbit hole, a world of flexibility that is almost unmatched in the pedal world opens up.

      There is nothing wrong with using a group of presets as static and discrete sounds.  But you can use those controls and an expression pedal to morph between different presets (within one algorithm).  Since many algorithms offer multiple effects, you can morph in and out of various effects in real time.     It’s a little like having ten hands that can turn up to ten knobs on a normal pedal while you are playing.

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