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      H9 Control Noob here.

      So I'm having a bit of trouble with organizing my presets and preset lists, specifically the preset list saved to my H9.  Don't know if this scenario is normal or not but hoping for some guidance.

      I currently have 20 presets loaded on my H9 and I'll be trimming back to a list with 15 presets.  So I save the new 15 preset list to my device but it still shows presets 16-20 as 'on' the device.  So I now know I can adjust the 'active' preset number to fit my new list, boom, done.  But before I did this I attempted to delete the 16-20 presets to tidy things up a bit.  Each time the message 'preset list will shift to left' came up I clicked OK but instead of the presets getting deleted, H9 Control essentially copied the final preset and now 16-20 are all the same preset and still there. 

      Is this normal?  Once you fill a preset 'block' on your H9, will it always retain a preset i.e. cannot be 'empty'?  I realize there are ways around this being a problem but I thought it quite odd that it copied that final preset 5 times instead of performing the attempted action (deleting).    

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      Yes, once you fill a preset block on your H9, there's not a function for emptying that block again. So, when you delete a preset in H9 Control, it is shifting everything down by one. Whatever the highest preset was will get shifted down by one as well, but it's original position won't get emptied, which is why it appears that the final preset is being copied.

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