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      I’ve been trying to purchase an algorithm for my H9 (Black Hole), I tried it and now I would like to purchase it. I’ve made a number of purchases for my H9 using H9 Control, but now its failing. I get the following msg 

      Looks like you’re using an older version of your browser. To check out with PayPal, please upgrade to the latest version.


      Well, I have the most recent version of H9 Control (2.9.3), my H9 is at 5.4.1(7), My browser is at the most current level and passes the paypal security test.,,,,I have cleared my cach (cookies, etc) and yet I’m unable to make a purchase..


      I all out of ideas…any help?

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      This problem with purchasing algorithms on Windows 10 has been discussed in this forum thread:


      Basically, if you open Internet Explorer 11 and accept its recommended security settings, that will enable Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10, and H9 Control will then be able to successfully connect to PayPal.

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