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      I wonder if others have seen similar issues.

      The H9 control application (I’m running on Windows 10) worked perfectly with the H9 connected via USB port. This was fine just a few days ago.

      Now, when attempting to open the app I get the following error consistently:


      I unplug it, and followed the prompts to reset the settings and it works again for a session.

      Then next time after unplugging and re-plugging the unit back in, or next day after PC shutdown and power-up, I get the same problem over and over – the unit will not connect.

      I even re-flashed the FW which also made it come back again, but the same behavior continues – after a PC reboot or a pedal reboot communication to the desktop H9 control app is lost and I get these errors again.

      The unit is not bricked fortunately because I am still able to control it via my phone and bluetooth, but using the app on the phone is a real PITA with such a small screen.

      What should I do? Is it a failure of the current firmware? Should I reflash it to the prior version?

      Just for extra info the unit appears in Windows Device Manager without any problems whatsoever, and is not dropping out or anything that would suggest a bad cable, and yes, I have the same behavior with multiple known-good USB cables and ports. This does not appear to be a hardware problem.

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      Ditto. Same problem here. In fact, will not connect via bluetooth or usb when this error rears its’ head. And yes, having to do a Reset all too often is a PITA.

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      I have the same problem with my two H9 Max, I was quiet working today and suddenly neither of them wanted to connect to the app again.

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