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      I read everything I could find regarding this but still can’t make it work. 

      I would like to control H9 with iOS app on my iPhone while recording this modulation to iPad. Hub for all devices is iConectMIDI4, except iPhone with H9 Control app is on bluetooth (only MIDI cables connected to H9, no USB). 

      Situation right now: I can control H9 with my iPhone via bluetooth. I can also write modulations in iPad and send them to H9 via iConnectMIDI device. The problem occurs when I try to record live modulations into iPad. Today I checked what kind of MIDI messages are sent from H9. There is a MIDI clock message and something like: F0 1C 70 01 60 10 00 74 00 00 00 16 04 36 66 38 09 53 66 4C 1B 00 68 03 F7. Probably this is why iPad can’t read from MIDI CC22 (parameter 1)? Many thanks.

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      H9 Control and the H9 don't communicate using MIDI CC messages;  they're sending special MIDI sysex messages.  Because the H9 works wirelessly over Bluetooth, we wanted to add an extra layer of protection to the communication between the H9 and H9 Control beyond a four number pin.  So, the messages passing back and forth between the H9 and H9 Control over MIDI sysex are encrypted using a session key.  I don't think you'll be able to record and replay these messages, because if I remember correctly, the session key changes every time you connect to the app to the H9.  So, any messages you recorded during one session couldn't be replayed in a later session.

      To do what you want to do, maybe you could use a MIDI control app instead of H9 Control to change the parameter values on the H9 that sends out MIDI CC values? 

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      I understand, I thought it could be sysex. As for using an app for this, I was hoping to be still able to tweak the pretty original interface:) But now that you mentioned this, I got a better idea…will try to configure a midi controller to tweak H9. This way I should be able to control H9, send midi to ios app and have the pleasure of real knobs. Thanks!

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