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      Hi All,


      Just wondering if someone can help?


      I’ve got a H9 Max that ive had a couple of years and never had a bit of trouble with and recently I picked up a core.


      I can not get the core to receive midi pc commands from my Boss ms-3. I’ve tried pretty much everything I can think of!

      I’ve got the ms3 sending midi to my max on channel 1 the max is set to thru and midi clock the core is set to chanel two.


      Ive tried changing the max to recive on channel 2 and that works I’ve changed the core to channel 1 and it still doesnt work.

      I’ve tried different midi leads i’ve tried taking the max out of the midi chain and just sending midi from the ms3 to the core and that doesnt work.

      I’ve done a full factory reset on the core and tried everything again and that still doesnt work! the core is upto date on 5.8.5.

      everything on H9 control is right but the pedal just will not change presets.


      what’s going on??






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      Eventide Staff

      Does your H9 Core respond to MIDI CC messages or clock?

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      Ignore me, I worked it out. I still had the usb connected from the core to H9 control app. That stops midi being received.

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