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      Hi  I just got my new H9 core and love it.  I can't seem to be able to change the preset range with Mac version of H9 control or through the front panel of the H9 Core.  I am using the latest firmware 4.8.0[1] and have tried reloading the firmware again.  

      For some reason both using H9 control on mac changes the range to 1 – 99 but when I scroll through it only goes from 1 -25?

      This is the same using the front panel of the H9 – it shows Lover preset 1 high preset 99 but doesn't seem to save the change?

      Am I missing something with the procedure or is this an issue with latest firmware?


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      Eventide Staff

      Core ships with 25 presets. Have you tried creating a new, 26th, preset? 

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      yeah sorry about that just released this about 5 min after i posted.  Thanks

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