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      Hopefully someone here can help. I purchased a lightly used H9 a month or so a go. Everything was great until this weekend. Sunday morning, I powered on my board and all the LEDs latched on. So I recycle the power and no response. ( BTW, I am using the Eventide PS). The unit will connect via Bluetooth, but will not communicate with the app on iPad. Same result with a Windows laptop using USB. I can see it in Device Manager, but the Control will not communicate. The unit seems dead, no LEDs or anything. But, the real frustration I have, is the lack of response from customer support. I sent an email Sunday and received the automated response but haven’t received any follow ups. I sent an another email today, with no response. At this point, I’m not sure what can be done via email. I just want to get the process started to have it repaired. Any suggestions?


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi John,

      Please check your spam folder, as I sent you emails on Monday and Wednesday.


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      I feel like an idiot, your responses were going to my spam folder and I didn’t catch it. I replied , looks like I need an RMA. Feel free to delete this thread.

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