H9 Decay of reverb (Hall) is changed by tap tempo when the tempo is OFF in the preset

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      I'm using two H9's and I uses the second one to control the tempo on both H9's. I change the tempo for instance  for the delay's of the 1st H9 to follow the "master" tempo. This works nicely although the 1st H9 has some audible artifacts when syncing the tempo to the other one. So far so good. 

      I'm using the 2nd H9 mostly for reverb and ambient stuff. I have some reverb presets for Hall, spring etc. that should have a fixed setting of decay. So these presets shouldn't change when the tempo is changing. The issue is that the second H9 changes the decay of reverb presets when Tempo is NOT ON when using Tap tempo! This is not what I want. 

      For testing purposes I reversed the presets so I activated a delay preset on the 2nd H9 controlling tap tempo and a reverb preset on the 1st one that should follow the tempo. If I now use tap tempo on the 2nd one the tempo is NOT synced to the 1st one that has Tempo OFF. It ignores the midi clock and the decay of the reverb preset is NOT changed. Global tempo is OFF on both H9's BTW. 

      Can you please try if this is reproducable? 

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      For the moment I have a temporary solution for this. 

      The H9 (A) that I use for tap tempo is used for delays and the other H9 (B) is used for reverb and ambient. 

      If I tap tempo on A now with the switch of the H9 itself or via an external aux switch, it changes the tempo of delay and other tempo ON patches. The decay of the reverb on B is not changed when tempo is OFF in that case. It ignores the incoming midi clock so to say. 

      If I select a reverb (with tempo OFF) on A and use the tap tempo switch on the H9 itself or AUX it changes the decay of the reverb. 

      – A has CLK.OUT ON

      – B has CLK.IN ON. 

      – A has MIDI OUTPUT to XMT

      – B has MIDI OUTPUT to THRU

      BTW, I still use an expression pedal combined with 1 AUX switch together (Y cable) succesfully where the switch is used for tap tempo. Tap tempo is set to FS3 and the EXPTIP is set to both. 

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