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      Hi all,

      I just wanted to know if there were any way to control the stereo width of the diatonic / H910 / Harmodulator etc delays? I run a stereo rig but have need of the delays to appear on top of each other (in the centre) for a few patches rather than the full left or right as they currently do. I see that adjusting the balance between A and B does a bit of panning reduction, but is there a way to have more control over this?


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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Vennpro,


      Unfortunately, not.  You can have either the A or B voice panned to the center if you turn it all the way to one or the other, but there are no additionall pan controls that will allow you to have both voices straight down the center.  One option would be to run it stereo in and mono out, but that would have other effects, obviously.




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      Hi Dan,


      Thanks for your quick response. Do you think this is something that may be address with future updates?

      Another thought –  are you aware of an existing simple swtcher pedal designed to be either stereo or collapse the stereo signal to a mono signal via a footswitch? I can’t seem to find one but am sure someone must’ve made one at some point?

      Many thanks mate

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