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      I apologize if this has been discussed before; I can’t seem to find anything that answers my question.

      I’m using my H9 in a parallel mixer guitar rig setup, controled with midi and I send it a midi clock signal from my daw so that the digital delay is in tempo with the tune playing at the time.

      Most of the time I cannot notice any glitching or artifacts when the tempo changes are mild, but there are some tunes that have some radical retardandos at the end where there is some gliching/artifacts being produced and it is noticible, not severe, but it does “mar” the ending, lol…this can also happen in a quite passage or silent part of a tune where the tempo is changing and there is delay signal coming thru.

      My understanding is that the Digital Delay algo from the Timefactor is the best delay to deal with midi clock tempo changes, and i use the crossfade parameter to mitigate most of the issues.  The algo works and sounds great.  But, as stated above, sometimes not so great.

      Are there some programming tricks that some of you have used to reduce or eliminate similar problems?  For example, would adjusting the crossfade in conjunction with the feedback help the H9 track the retardandos better?  Maybe increase the crossfade time while reducing the feedback amount or the mix?

      I really love my H9 and all the algos that it has.  Mine is a Max and i don’t regret upgrading it.  I don’t use too many of the “wild” presets, just trying to “color” and add some ambiance to the guitar to help it either mix in well or stand out.  The quality sounds really inspire me.  Thanks Eventide!  And thanks in advance for any answers or suggestions.





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      The devil is of course in the details, but any time you have a significant delay change, however caused, there will be audible artifacts. Delays are like that.

      Crossfades and mutes are among the ways to deal with this, but a discontinuity in the audio is always going to be an issue.


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      Thanks for the reply!  Yea, I kinda figured I have to give up something, being that there are so many things the H9 is great at, and at such a small format, meaning footpedal.  I’m curious about the H9000,  have never used one, nor will probably ever, but I imagine that the H9000 does not exhibit any of these issues?  More processing power and a larger physical format to house that in has it’s advantages…lol

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