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      This is the second time I’ve had a problem with my H9. First time with a power supply problem cost me $100 to get unti  repaired. I’ve spent a lot on algorrithms. I figure I have about $700 plus invested in this thing. Now it will not come on at all. The power supply lights up but even though the power supply lights up the unit does not fire up at all.  Do I have to spend another hundred dollars to get this thing fixed? Just about had it with this thing. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you 

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      Could you send an email to support@eventide.com about the problem?  I can't imagine that if it's the same problem that we'd charge you a second time to fix it if it was a fault in the unit, but the fact that it's happened twice does make one ask whether it's a fault in the unit or whether you might be using the H9 at a venue which provides unstable power.

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      Hello , I am having the same problem.  No power, and using the original power supply, I also tried my timefactor powersupply but same result.

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      It is possible for the power inlet connector to be damaged or the solder joints to be broken if it is treated roughly..

      If the unit is under warranty, you may want to send it in, otherwise have someone who can use a soldering iron take a look at it.

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