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      I have presets saved on banks 1-6 on my Timefactor. When I open H9 editor and click on the TF icon to get the presets from the pedal, what is displayed is a combination of presets I've named and blank spots. In the case of the latter, spots where presets should already be.

      For instance. H9 shows/displays the correct presets for L1-1 and L1-2, but nothing for L2-1 or L2-2 where there are presets saved to the L2 spaces on my Timefactor.

      Is something afoot here?

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      I had the same issue when I downloaded the H9 app for my TimeFactor.  What I found is that you have to click and drag the .syx into the interface on the main screen of the H9 app.  Once I did that, it everything showed up again.  I had the old FactorLib and I had dropped them into the H9 app.  The only annoying thing is that the .syx file lost it's name.  So when you drag presets in, do it one file at a time and then rename it in the presets list.  It defaults to TimeFactor Preset or something like that.  Hope this helps.

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