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      Good morning everyone,

      I recently picked up a used H9 core pedal and it works perfect the sounds are everything I hoped they would be. But the issue I have right now is when I put the cover on my pedalboard and leave the venue sometime between the time I close the case and open it the encoder button come right out. I’ve been dealing with it for now but I really would like to get it fixed. Is there any pictures of how everything is supposed to go together? The encoder button has completely fallen apart.

      Thanks in advance!

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      Well, here are the instructions that we send to people who are trying to reseat their encoder:

      If you look at the encoder, there is a cap on top, the inner most circle, which you should be able to gently pop out with a pick or similar type of tool.

      You should now see the nut. Gently loosen the nut

      Lift the encoder knob at the sides and make the nut level with the top of the shaft.

      Then tighten the nut without the letting the sides drop down.

      It’s important that the nut is level with the top of the shaft. That will allow it to have the push function and to make the popping noise.


      If you think the encoder or cap is broken in some way, you can contact support@eventide.com if you'd like to buy a new encoder and cap.

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