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      I’ve seen this posted about before, I can’t figure this out. I have a Mission Engineering EP-25K which is specifically designed for the H9. Using TRS direct in works great. When I try to combine the expression pedal and aux switch I have into the exp input via a TRS to dual TS cable, the aux switch works fine, but the expression pedal behaves strangely (the whole sweep of the pedal goes from 0 at heel down to 100 in the middle, back to 0 at the toe). I have the tip side of the split running to the exp pedal, and I have it set to tip. The aux is on ring. The pedal is set to receive both. Calibration does nothing. I even tried someone else’s suggestion of using a TS mono female to female coupler and putting a stereo cable into the exp pedal. Nothing. Help!

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