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      I am trying to use my expression pedal with my H9 through a Voodoo Labs Ground Control.  

      I can get the expression pedal to communicate with the H9 (ie the value changes), but it seems to only go to about half the value at the heel position. 

      On the GC, the value goes from 000 to 127.  But, the H9 only goes from about half of the range at heel to full at toe. 

      Any ideas on how to get it to work properly?

      The expression pedal is a Boss. Not quite sure of the model. It has a knob for setting the lower range. I made sure it was in the position that provided full range (000 – 127).


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      I do this. I also had the same problem and have t admit it was a bit of a head scatter for me as well. What I can tell you is that make sure that the "pedal calibration disabled" is set to no. Then, Just reboot the pedal. All the communications should be set so it should just link up again and you'll see a full range. I have done this with a Mission 25k dual expression pedal and had it talking to both my H9's and well as using an Ernie Ball pedal. Once I figured out it just needed to recalibrate it was fine. I will say this though… I'm not so sure how sold I am about using an expression pedal through midi. At least not in my set up. I have several control devices such as a Voodoo Lab GCX and Amp Control switch before I hit my actual midi controlled effects. I actually don't have many… two H9's and a Line 6 M13 but with that in your line up other than a couple specially boxes or ones you feel pretty strong about the tone (for me it's the Big Muff Pi…. don't get me wrong the model is great…. but the real thing…. can't be beat) Anyway I have clearly gotten away from my point which was that there is a lag in the response of the expression pedal over midi. for the most part you will not notice it unless you hit a preset that is REALLY dependent on it like say… the traditional Wah… I found that very disappointing compared to having it plugged in directly. In the end I was going to put my H9's in my rack (yep.. I do it old school…but they're making a comeback) but it was worth it to me to make some major changes and place them on my pedal board. My pedal board was setup to be a pretty strict midi control system. Other than my tuner, the rest was designed around doing minimal pedal changes and letting the midi system do the work for me. You still could with the H9's… but as I said….that display is pretty important. and I don't see myself adding an iPad to my board. Hope that solves your problem. 

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