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      Hello smart music people, I'm looking for an expression pedal for my H9 with a built in aux switch in the toe. Any suggestions? Alternately I'd like an expression pedal 2 or 3 foot switches beside it or a small midi pedal/controller with 3 or 4. Any suggestions? I'd like to have as much control over the pedal as possible. 🙂

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      This is the one that I have my eye on:  Source Audio Reflex Universal Expression Pedal.  It's not available yet, and there are no switches.  But I'm thinking that you could simulate switching over MIDI.  The Reflex is reported to be highly programmable.

      I'm not well versed on what's currently available with a small footprint.

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      The H9 will accept an expression pedal and one single aux switch, or one triple aux switch, but not both. Using an expression pedal and one aux switch requires a 1xT/R/S > 2xT/R/S "Y" splitter. You could install a single momentary switch in the toe of an expression pedal – some pedals have an active/inactive or A/B switch in the toe that could be replaced with a momentary switch and wired as an aux switch.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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