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      I'd like to make a suggestion for an H9 feature (hopefully this is the right place for this kind of post!)

      I wish there was a global "Boost" parameter in the System menu, that would allow me to add a specified amount of boost, for example from 0-20 dB, that I could then turn on/off in real time by assigning to an Aux switch.

      That way, I could eliminate my current boost pedal that I use for some extra solo volume, and it would also allow me to run straight to 2 amps in stereo (since my boost pedal, like most, is mono and sits at the end of the effects chain – right after my H9).

      I don't know if this would be technically difficult or even possible, but to me it sounds fairly straight forward and would hopefully be a useful feature to many others as well.

      Thanks for a fantastic product!

      cheers  /Tommy

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      How about a volume pedal that could be "chained" on the end of the other efx? You could configure it to respond to the pedal or an aux switch with a fixed gain. 

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      I'm having the same issue. How about just making the output level for each preset "heel toe" adjustable like the rest of the parameters. 

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      Eventide Staff

      We didn't make the preset level parameter controllable as a performance feature because its main purpose was to equalize volume levels for different effects. That is why it is saved with the preset. Further, if it was controllable, it might be in the wrong position when you reloaded the preset.

      But, there does appear to be a growing demand for a "volume pedal" feature. We will consider this for a future release.

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