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      Please help me to complete H9’s update. 

      App(mac) said that there is new update. so I clicked that and firmware was updated.

      H9 shows that T or W or cruched letter for the first time. 

      So i lettered th eventide service center. they sent me manual updater links. I tried those one with both mac and windows os.

      and now.

      H9 shows that just “UPDATE” when it turns on without holding down hotswitch button. 




      (after you restart the H9 with the HotKnob pressed and restart it again, it boots up fine though )

      ->> nope it does not. it shows “UPDATE”  


      these two forum do not help me to do my update. 

      please help me 

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      Please write support@eventide.com and let them know the problem.  They may have you update using a different updater and may have further questions about how your H9 is behaving.

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