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      Hi everyone,

      I recently purchased an H9 with the intend to replace my TC Electronics Vortex Flanger on my pedal board. The Vortex is currently a one trick pony, which does a very specific effect, that I wanted to rebuild with the H9, while at the same time adding a device with midi capability and more under the hood than just this one effect. I spent the whole night trying to replicate the effect my Vortex does but could not quite make it. Being new to Eventide and especially the H9, I wanted to ask for advice on how to achieve it. Maybe there is even someone there who could build me a preset 🙂

      The thing is, I am really dependent on that Vortex effect for a specific song and If the H9 cannot do it, I need to return it.

      It’s about this setting of the Vortex, which results in very distinct pulsing rythmic pattern when playing a low E and a fairly slow detune on high notes.

      Vortex Settings

      Please refer to the audio clip “Flanger Vortex” for an example.

      It is set to tape mode, which is described as a through zero flanger in the manual, so I used the flanger algorythm with THRU-0 type on the H9. I ended up with these settings, which are close but not quite there.

      H9 Settings

      The rythmic pattern of the pulse is not similar enough and the sweep of the detune is to fast. Please refer to the audio clip “Flanger H9” for an example.


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      Hi, first of all happy new year and congratulations on your H9! I apologize for this post not getting picked up sooner – this forum is designed for VSig presets, not pedal presets so your post hasn’t gotten as much visibility. In the future, I recommend you post in the Stompbox forum for H9 questions.

      You are indeed close… I think you need to tweak speed mod, mod rate, and mod source or the three rightmost knobs on the bottom row. Try using a triangle instead of a sine, try a mod rate of 1.000xSPD or maybe even 2.000xSPD, and then tweak speed mod rate from there. I don’t think you will need depth mod, but I encourage you to experiment. I’d say you can leave the top row controls mostly as-is, though I encourage you to keep tweaking… maybe try setting shape to a triangle wave as well.

      You can follow up here with questions, but I encourage you to repost this in the stompbox forum should you want more discussion on the topic to get more visibility.

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