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      H9 Control have installed on the notebook for my H9 Max. Now I want to handle the H9 Max from a tablet.

      What should I do? Thanks

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      falmela wrote:

      What should I do? 

      Your best bet would be to get an iPad and install H9 Control on it from the app store.  Some users have tried to run H9 Control on Windows tablets, but I wouldn't recommend trying that.  Some Windows tablets have arm chips which won't work.  Some have Intel chips which will work.  Of the Intel based Windows tablets I think people have been able to use H9 Control on the Surface Pro without any significant problems, but Eventide hasn't tested H9 Control on the Surface Pro so we don't claim that it's error free or recommend getting one.

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      That is, other than the spendy surface pro.



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      I use H9 control on a Surface Pro 4. (Intel m3 processor)

      It works flawlessly when connected via USB cable.

      Via Blueooth, Windows connects fine, and sometimes the H9Control app will see the pedal… but it is very inconsistent, and usually gives an error very quickly that it cannot communicate with the pedal. I would say it is unusable 

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