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      Hi, I just purchased an H9 and am new to this forum.

      I’d like to know if I can use my Gator G-Bus-8 pedal power source to power the H9. I have done numerous searches for an easy-to-understand answer to this question (and if one already exists somewhere on this forum I apologize).


      All the available info on the Gator’s specs can be found here: http://www.gatorcases.com/p/16108-1004/g-bus-8-us

      About the H9 I’ve found: “Will accept range from +9V to +12VDC @4.5 W”…..but to be honest, I don’t really know what this means.


      So, I would sincererly appreciate an easy yes-or-no answer to this question from someone who’s sure. Thank you!

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      Sorry, I looked at the specs of that product, and they don't seem to state anywhere how many milliamps the 9V jacks provide.  And although they have like a dozen photos of the product posted, they don't post a single photo of the side of the product with the 9V jacks.  The H9 needs 500 mA.  As stated on its product page it has the following power requirements: 9VDC, 500mA, center pin(+).  Unless anyone else can chime in with more information about that product, you may want to send them an email and ask them.

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