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      I'm having trouble getting the (global) Tap tempo on the H9 working properly, controlling it from my MIDI controller.

      Here's the deal!

      – MIDI Controller: EC Pedals Superswitcher 2
      – MIDI device/channel 1: Eventide H9
      – MIDI device/channel 2: Line6 M5

      Tempo on both devices are set to GLOBAL.

      On one specific preset on the SS2 I'm only sending two different CC messages to control tap tempo. That's all that preset does!

      – CC1 (to the H9): Message #64, Value > 64
      – CC2 (to the M5, MIDI Thru from the H9): Message #64, Value > 64

      When I tap the tempo on the SS2 both the H9 and the M5 responds just fine.
      However, when I change preset (PC message sent on another SS2 preset) the H9 seems to ignore the (global) tempo I just tapped in as the new preset is being load just fine. 

      Strangely enough it works just perfect (preset being changed but tempo stays the same) on the M5, located last in the MIDI chain.

      Any suggestions here?

      Oh, by the way, the SS2 is able to send 5 different PC messages and 5 different CC messages, using up to 5 different MIDI channels on each preset, so that shouldn't be an issue.

      Any help would be dearly appreciated!

      Johan, Sweden 

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      "Strangely enough it works just perfect (preset being changed AND the tempo stays the way I tapped it) on the M5, located last in the MIDI chain.

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      Eventide Staff

      Make sure you have the latest H9 software – global tempo had issues on earlier versions.

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      I did update the other day, but unfortunately the problem remains.
      Any other ideas? 

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      Eventide Staff

      Does the H9 tempo actually change ? The CC may expect to see a momentary switch, meaning it goes high (above 64) then low (below 64) to be recognized. If this is the issue, you think you are tapping in a new tempo, but it is not changing.

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      LA Keys

      The "correct" way to send tempo is via midi clock. This is because it is not only giving you the right tempo but also a SYNCHRONIZED tempo, i.e. all the beats starts at the exact same time.

      I don't know if the Superswitcher could send midi clock, but if it is the case I strongly suggest that you explore that route. I also found out that the M5 will also respond to midi clock.

      If the SS2 doesn't generate midi clock, since you said that the M5 is responding fine with your current setup another option would be to see if the M5 transmit a midi clock based on the tap tempo received. If this is the case you could then use this midi clock, provided that the H9 is after the M5 in the midi chain.


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      Well…at least the tempo is changing in the H9 display, as I tap.
      But if the tempo ACTUALLY change, I do not know. I'll try to post a video tomorrow morning…

      I couldn't find anything in the manual about the H9 expecting two different messages for the tap function.

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      I gotta check if the SS2 is able to send MIDI clock.

      Unfortunately the M5's only got MIDI OUT (not THRU) so putting it in front of the H9 is not an option. 

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