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      I’m an happy owner of an H9 and I was wondering if a granular algorithm could be created one day !

      I’ve been using this kinf of effect with Max/MSP and Reaktor years ago. I haven’t found anything convincing in pedal format and the only solution that I love for now is the Mutable Instrument eurorack module called Clouds. To give you an idea, I’ve recorded this demo of the module and some examples use guitar : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCGQVxVUcmU

      I was thinking that Eventide had enough talent to create such a great algorithm for guitar players.

      I hope it won’t be just a dream !

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      Yeah that would be absolutely awesome. I was heading here to see if anyone was asking for this – and if not I would have suggested it myself. Until this happens I’m keeping an eye on Red Pandas “Particle” granular pedal.

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      Korhan Erel

      A granular effect as well as some spectral processing on the H9 would indeed be amazing. I think it has more than the required processing to achieve both. 10 parameters are also more than enough for detail control of both granulation and spectral processing. 

      Even though I have not seen a single experimental electronics setup without at least one H9 in the past 2-3 years (I have two), Eventide still chooses to market this product only to guitar players. I wonder why that is so. I would also love to see a harmonizer for the human voice, for example. Eventide has the Mixing Link that is primarily for vocalists, but has no harmonizer algorithm that works properly with the human voice…

      So Eventide, please stop catering only to guitar players and give us some other effects like granulation, spectral processing and voice harmonizers (guitar players would use these effects too)

      On the other hand, I am very very happy with the Red Panda Particle. It’s not a cheap pedal, but does the job and gives you a lot of sound mangling power. This is also a pedal I have seen in every single experimental music setup.


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      That is something I’d love to see as well, some people have requested it in the past. The thing is that we are a very limited public.

      But mind you, I see more Eventide pedals in synth setups than guitars! So both worlds would be more than pleased to have something like that.


      Looper algorithm can do some granular-like sounds if you mess with the start/end points, length and varispeed, but you have to rely a lot in the expression pedal or MIDI CCs, not to mention is way too awkward and is easier to end up with a total uncontrolled chaos, which is the desired result of course, but a dedicated interface, similar to MI Clouds would be more appropiate!

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      Korhan Erel

      Yes both worlds would definitely benefit from more unusual effects, of which the H9 already has some. A lot of experimental electronics musicians as well as dance music producers use the H9. A Midi-syncable granular effect would be amazing.

      Also tables that match MIDI CC values to H9 parameters would also be amazing.

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      I think brock had some tables matching cc values? 

      Search around.. I swear he was talking about it.

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