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      First post… and this question may sound weird, but I hope I’m on the right track.

      I just purchased the H9 Max, not for guitar/synth but for vocals. I’m trying to duplicate that H3000 519 pre-set… but having a hard time recreating it. I know the general settings of the 519 were:


      left +9

      right -9, 25 ms delay


      I’ve been using the effect a lot for studio recordings. My band GOTH BROOKS (yes, you read that right) has been using a mix of the VST’s both from Eventide and Soundtoys to get that spread, wet vocal sound and we want to re-create that live.

      Any ideas on what a real wet setting would be for the H9 Max ???


      Thanks everyone!



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      Eventide Staff

      Definitely go for the MicroPitch algorithm in the PitchFactor category of effects on H9 Max. The first preset, “H3000 MicroPitch” literally has those same settings. The Mix is set 100% wet, so you may need to adjust that for taste. As long as Pitch Mix is set to the middle, you’ll get the most spread. Tweak the pitches in opposite directions for more drastic detuning. Also for vocals, Tone may need to come up a little. I’d probably start in the middle and make it brighter, if anything.

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