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      So Im really loving my H9. Had it for a few months. Ond thing I can't figure out for after lots of Googling and messing around is how to un-assign Hot Switch functionality to a knob through H9 on a Space algorithm. I know how to assign it by pressing and holding the hot switch button and then adjusting the knob you want to be affected, but there seems to be no way to clear out the assignment, and it's very frustrating. I keep thinking the knob is reassigned and then it keeps reverting back to these other positions when I flip the Hot Switch button on and off. Any thing I'm missing here?

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      Well when enter HotSwitch programming mode the knob is at its normal position.  So, if you want it to stay at that position even when the HotSwitch is enabled just nudge it a hair and move it back again to register its normal position also as its HotSwitch position.  If the difference between the normal position and the HotSwitch position is less than a few percent, it's removed from the HotSwitch altogether.  

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